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How to Get Rid of Bronchitis

How to Get Rid of Bronchitis

The main symptoms of a chest cold are a caught, dry or wet, a pain in a chest and sometimes a fever with a high temperature. A doctor can easily define a diagnosis by listening lungs work by a stethoscope. To treat an old chest infection a doctor will recommend making an x-ray in order to reveal a kind of illness and to prescribe necessary treatment.

To treat bronchitis one should follow simple rules, such as to drink much warm drinks, to rest, no smoking, steam inhalations, to stay in a warmth, etc. Different pills, mixtures, syrups, special herbal teas release a sick person’s state. A cough is a usual respond of an organism to redundant mucus. A chest cold is an inflammation of a mucous membrane of respiratory ways. If a cough is dry, a doctor prescribes remedies to recover. The main reason infection spreads is a cold. Cough faster relates to the first symptoms of bronchitis than of the common cold.

A strong organism can recover without medicine. If a cough causes a pain, you should take medicine. There is a lot of different medicine in any drugstore. If you want to get to know how to get rid of a chest cold, you can use advices how to get rid of a cold. In favorable conditions a chest infection can cause many complications. Pneumonia is an illness difficult to treat. You can take a vaccine to prevent it.

You should start a treatment immediately after you have noticed the first symptoms of an illness. It is easier to treat decease at early beginning of its development. Many medicines only hide symptoms of an illness but not kill a virus. A folk medicine gives many advices how to get rid of bronchitis. A lungs’ natural cure will improve immunity. Follow wise advices and you will notice sudden changes in your health state.

Take one tea spoon of a honey and one tea spoon of a butter. Put them in a pot on a fire for a half of a minute. Mix them. Let them cool down. Grease your chest with this but do not rub in. Take seeds of a sunflower and seeds of carrot. Put them into a bottle. Add water with spirit in an equal proportion. Take a spoon of this mixture between meals three times a day. You will recover in few days.

Prepare potatoes without peeling. Make a mashed potato and add three tea spoons of soda. Make two flat cakes of it. Wrap them into a fabric. Put them between shovels on a back. The flat cakes should not burn a skin. After they cool down, take them off.

Take a glass of sugar. Add a litre of water. Put two onions into this mixture. Boil it till there will stay a half of water. Take onions off. Drink a half of a glass of the mixture. With home medicine and doctor’s advice you will know how to get rid of a chest cold.

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