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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

How to Get Rid of Cold Sores

Small blisters filled with fluid and sores on mouth, lips and nose are the symptoms of cold sores. This illness is caused by a Herpes simplex Virus. This virus lives inside a person’s organism. Painful blisters appear when favorable conditions for them come. A person can have this virus and even not suspect about this. Only after a diligent treatment one can get rid of cold sore.

How to get rid of cold sores fast

This illness is very infectious. One can catch the virus while any contact with an ill person: using the same dishes, kissing, using somebody’s lipstick, etc. Blisters will disappear in 10-14 days but one can speed up recover. One can take special medicines. There is a wide choice of them in a drugstore. Painkillers will release of pain. Pills and ointments treat symptoms.

If blisters appear, one should know what to do. A home medicine knows the best ways to get rid of overnight cold sore. Aloe Vera will treat your skin. Its juice heals wounds. Its usage outwardly on a skin can be considered the safest plant treatment. Some plants can help to recover of sores quickly. Echinacea, a tea tree and other plant extracts will fit.

How to get rid of cold sores overnight

To get rid of cold sores overnight one should know some rules. Never damage blisters. Don’t try to tear them off. Don’t scratch sores. Refuse of salty and acid food. Salt and acid will irritate skin and worsen your state. Avoid stresses. A stress can cause the infection reveals. Be calm. Avoid a bright sunlight. Keep to rules of hygiene. You can spread an infection by touching something after you touched blisters. Always wash your hands. Change a toothbrush you used when you were ill. Put away all things that touched your lips. Use only your personal dishes. You can infect other people while you are ill.

After you revealed blisters, rub them with a special ointment. Be cautious, you can spread the infection from mouth to other parts of your face and body. Use an ointment three times a day. Always wash your hands after touching blisters. Put ice on a blister. Leave it until melt. Grease blisters with spirit. Spirit dries up a fluid and kills an infection
Take vitamins. The vitamin C treats any kind of a cold. Eat meals containing a lot of vitamins.

Prevent cold sore

Remember that it is better to prevent an illness than to search how to get rid of cold. Medical remedies do not treat a cold sore but only force sores to disappear. The virus stays in your organism. Avoid reason for an overnight cold sore to appear. Once you have got this disease you should be cautious during all life.

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