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How to use a lifebuoy

How to use a lifebuoy

Traveling by water transport a wonderful thing! How many pleasant impressions, extraordinary scenery from the window of the cabin or the promenade deck you bring home from this trip! To keep your water ride was prepared from a security standpoint, you need to follow certain rules, as mentioned in the instructions as to comply with safety regulations on water transport. You will also be useful knowledge about how to use a lifeline. In this article you will learn how to use a lifebuoy.

Step 1

A lifeline – a means of salvation for a drowning man. Made a life preserver from the solid and sufficiently strong materials such as cork, polyurethane or polystyrene. Works like a life preserver float. In order to recognize the lifeline fit, carry out special tests on the strength and ability to stay on the water. In the manufacture of lifebuoys have GOST standards. More information can be read here.

Step 2

Life preserver thrown into the water, if found a man overboard, or if the watercraft was found drowning man near the beach, pier, promenade. Throwing should be as close as possible to the man, but it does not please him in the head as blow with a heavy object (weight lifebuoys from 4.5 to 7.0 kg) lead to injury or loss of consciousness.

Step 3

To use the lifeline needed to put it on yourself so that it is located under the armpits, hands were on top of the circle. In this position you can hold out on the water surface for a long time without making an extra effort.
Lifeline can take two people holding it with his hands, you need to hold on to the rope (lifeline), which is fastened on the outside of the circle. Of this article, you learned How to use a lifebuoy.

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